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Arachnipod Total Edge Management System


What is Ferno Arachnipod?

The Ferno Arachnipod is an artificial high directional system that provides many ways to safely manage all types of edges and voids. Its modular design makes  the Arachnipod the world’s most versatile modular total edge management system (TEMS).

What is unique about the Arachnipod system is the way you can connect its three styles of legs and feet into different configurations to best suit the environment and job at hand

Rapid Deployment

Once familiar with Arachnipod, all systems can be configured under three minutes so operators can progress to rigging and stabilisation sooner. Many thoughtful features are built into the Arachnipod to enhance its usability and cost-effectiveness. There's a reason why the Arachnipod was awarded a Design mark by the Australian Design Council! 

The Arachnipod system can be purchased in a choice of six pre-assembled core kits .

Extra accessories and components can be added to your Arachnipod unit to expand the number of configurations it can do. Accessories can be purchased either singly or in expansion kits.