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Privacy Policy


Ferno Australia considers the guarding of customers' and suppliers' privacy as of the utmost importance. This Privacy Statement states Ferno Australia's commitment to maintaining privacy.

Reasons for collecting information

Ferno Australia only collects such information as is necessary to conduct business with customers or suppliers. The customers or supplier will always know what information is being collected, and will have the option to choose how Ferno Australia utilises customers or suppliers information to communicate with customers or suppliers. We will only collect information by lawful and fair means and not in an intrusive way.

Ferno Australia will only use personal or business information customers or suppliers have supplied in order to:

  • provide better customer service to customers or suppliers
  • perform authorised financial transactions with customers or suppliers and customers or suppliers associated financial institutions;
  • operate our business as it pertains to customers or suppliers;
  • keep customers or suppliers informed about Ferno Australia products and services and those of relevant business partners; and
  • fulfil legal and regulatory obligations.

How Your Information is Used

Ferno Australia uses the information customers or suppliers supply in many ways necessary for us to do business together: product promotion, order fulfilment, customer support and for secure access to the Ferno Australia Website.

Product and Service Updates

Ferno Australia needs to be able to contact customers or suppliers about product upgrades and new products and to inform customers or suppliers of new services relevant to customers or suppliers business, including special offers. (However, customers or suppliers may notify Ferno at any time do not want to receive any marketingcommunications from Ferno Australia).

Order Fulfilment

When ordering products and services, customers must provide contact information (such as name and delivery address) and financial information (such as credit-card number and expiration date if customers are using this payment method).  Ferno Australia uses this information to fulfil customers order and invoice customers. 

If we have trouble processing an order, this contact information is also used to get in touch with customers to resolve the problem.

Customer Support

We link supply of Ferno Australia product to customers contact details. This allows our staff to provide customers with quality advice relevant to customers particular situation when customers call Ferno Australia Customer support.

If software or documentation needs to be emailed or posted to customers, the staff member has all the information needed to ensure fast service.

Ferno Australia Website Access

Many useful services are currently available at Ferno Australia web sites and more services are being planned. This information gives authorised access so that only defined personnel can update personal information, access on-line help or perform financial transactions. 

Our web sites may contain links to other sites belonging to other parties and which are beyond the control of Ferno Australia. Please note that we cannot vouch or be responsible for the privacy practices of non-Ferno Australia sites.

Accountability and Legislative Compliance

Ferno Australia informs its employees about the importance of confidentiality and customer privacy through its operating procedures, training programs and internal policies. 

Ferno Australia will take appropriate disciplinary measures to enforce privacy responsibilities of its employees. If Ferno Australia contracts with external service providers to provide service support, Ferno Australia will require them to conform to the Ferno Australia Group privacy policy.

The Ferno Australia Privacy Statement has been developed in accordance with relevant local and international privacy legislation. 

Correction of Problems

If there are any questions or it is believed that Ferno Australia has not adhered to this Privacy Statement, please contact the Marketing Manager at Ferno Australia's Head Office. We will then use all commercially reasonable efforts to promptly determine if there is a problem and take the necessary corrective action.