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Reach and Rescue System

Rescues are speedier, safer for operators and more efficient with the Reach and Rescue Telescopic Rescue System. Designed in the UK, the system improves the operator's safety and capability in water, ice, mud and flood related incidents.

Reach and Rescue is the longest most versatile and successful rescue pole system and tools in the world with a reach ranging from 5m to 17m. Simple to use and quick to deploy, Reach and Rescue accurately delivers a rescue system directly to the victim and improves operator safety everytime.

The Reach and Rescue pole is the heart of the system and is a telescopic device that extends and contracts. The ‘rescue-end’ of the pole is fitted with a metal collar to which flotation/retrieval tools are securely attached.

The system is exceptionally versatile thanks to its large selection of flotation, retrieval and access attachments. With attachments ranging from snares and grappling hooks to underwater inspection cameras and trigger blades for lopping branches, the Reach and Rescue Pole is indispensable for on water, under water, on ice, mud, confined spaces, up trees and height access scenarios.

Attachments are available in kits or individually, enabling you to expand the capabilities of your Reach and Rescue System in harmony with your needs and budget.